It was Willi Baumeister the painter who first drew my attention to the fact that design in the visual sphere cannot be restricted to fine arts, but that everyday objects used for mutual understanding or better handling of life are no less important tasks for the designer. These premises served as a guidance for all my output and consequently led me to the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Ulm. Here the challenge was not only the pedagogical work, but to an even higher degree the discussion of the scientific and technological trends of the period which were focussed in "Ulm" as if by a burning-glass. It was at that time that I started to develop my theory of the modernization of design, and I am still working on it today. My "biographical report" (Stuttgart, 1997) contains the documentation as well as my poster, catalogue and exhibition designs from many years. A chalk mark on the floor of my life…

On December 11, 1998, Anton Stankowski died at the age of 92. Obituaries and retrospectives in trade journals as well as in the big papers were meagre to an extent that fellow travellers, intimate experts and friends felt compelled to give expression to their feelings when they had to say farewell.
Editors: Herbert W. Kapitzki and Fritz Seitz. Ludwigsburg, 2000.

The book describes the history of a Danzig family, a unique story that at the same time stands for many destinies in the border areas of Europe. The German Kaiser era, First World War, revolutions and social changes, the decline of a democracy and rise of a dictatorship, Second World War, genocide and migration. After all this, this generation never succeeded in shaping a satisfying future for themselves.
Accounts of the conditions of life in Danzig amplify the family saga, marginal notes contain additional information on contemporary and regional history and supply political documentation.
72 drawings visualize the spirit of the time.

Survey of the development of visual presentations of communicative messages.

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